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I'm going to be using the term "detoxification" here to mean the process of removing toxic and addictive drugs and alcohol from your body, not just taking a "detox" as you would with any other procedure. You can read my book The Detox Solution for more info about detoxification. Most people have a certain level of detoxification already, depending on what the detox is for and the amount of drugs they have. In my case, my level of detoxification is much higher than most people's, but not completely. I have a good amount of detoxification. I am detoxifying a very high percentage of my body. I have a lot of detoxification going on right now, and I am doing it all by myself. I am not doing anything else. I am simply detoxifying, just like in a hospital. You can get detoxification for free if you can make it to a detoxification clinic. I do it myself for many reasons. The main one is that I am so far in the process of getting out of this life that I need to know that my body is doing it all on its own. This means a lot of time in the sun, eating healthy foods, and a lot of exercise. This is very similar to the way I am in the body.

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